HP USB-C Dock G5 Manual: A User’s Review

hp usb c dock g5 manual

The HP USB-C Dock G5 is a docking station that connects to one USB-C port on your Mac or PC, making it easy to have multiple connections for monitors, keyboards, mice, and other devices. Whether you are planning to use the dock at home or at work, you will be pleased with this reliable and durable dock. Here, are some reasons why the HP USB-C Dock G5 is worth investing in.

What is the USB-C Dock G5?

You know that my thumb drive is a USB gadget. The speed is pretty slow and the USB connector is very awkward. This is a very useful and convenient gadget to keep your favourite gadgets. The Performance: Pros & Cons: Pros: Compact Compatible with all USB devices like Power Bank, Keyboard & Mouse etc. HDMI & USB 3.0 output Highest Specs among USB Docks Cons: 1. Small Package size. 2.No Features that are directly useful Raspberry PI Model B (3500+) USB 3.0 DOCK This is an Official Product from Micro-USB-Kits and Devices Limited. This is the official product of Micro-USB-Kits and Devices Limited. It is the cheapest high-quality USB 3.0 DOCK. Pros & Cons: Pros: Extremely small size Provides fast data transfer speeds A brilliant design which is practical and simple to use USB 3.


hp usb c dock g5 manual

1. PC ports is not split into 2 by cable to avoid possible damage.it has to be fixed. 2. For the battery I only required 10V and 5A voltage and the ports have been fixed so as to give a maximum 12V and 6A current that keeps my phone(without battery) 3. Power for the ports is provided by 2 micro USB Type-A ports, 3.1A. Maximum 3.1A of output according to power regulation can be supplied to the ports. for high current high-efficiency chargers, the power regulation is done with a digital chip. 4. Two Micro USB connectors and a DC-in connector. 4,200mAh battery size. 5. one USB port is used to charge the smartphone and the other USB port is used for data transfer. It is safe to say that most modern laptops have USB ports and in such a scenario one needs a power adapter to charge the laptop. 6.

Build Quality

This dock is designed very well. It is very sturdy in material and very light. so it is easy to carry in your bag. Nice Looks This dock looks very nice and stylish. It also comes with adjustable USB power. this makes it a must-have for you for your travel purpose. Value for Money This is a small but very good model. I can’t find any device in its place so it has no price in its place. Design and Construction This dock is made with plastic material. It has a nice finish and feels to it.it is very light and slim. so it is very easy to carry in your bag. Battery and Portability HP USB-C Dock G5 have a very good battery life.it can last for 5~7 hours on 1 full charge. Also, you can charge the dock via a USB cable. Charging Type and Dimensions This dock has two USB ports. One for USB 3.

How it works

Normally what you should need to do is you need to enable “Use Desktop Icons” so in windows as admin,(that’s the only button it has, you can’t press anything else on the USB drive) After that you need to click on “Desktop Icons” On it you will see a lot of icons that is the only shortcut for working with this USB drive, this is how your windows desktop looks with these icons These are different icons for most of the stuff like Default is the main Programs icon Dock – Left side icon HDD / SSD – The first icon on the top right of your dock. This icon has your current DVD or SSD Setting up Drive is on the right, it has the speed you should backup your folders so you can copy and rip them. Look in the status bar to see that Drive is working.

Hardware Details

hp usb c dock g5 manual

The USB 3.1 Type-C to USB 2.0 Converter is a compact and lightweight peripheral that turns an available USB port into a USB 3.1 Type-C port. When connected to a computer, it helps speed up data transfers between your device and a PC with support for the newer USB Type-C connector and maximum transfer rates of 10Gbps. It is a device that can connect to other HP USB-C accessories like monitors, keyboards, scanners, etc. The small form factor (SFF) plug-and-play solution converts your USB device or accessories into one that connects to a USB-C port. It has two USB 3.1 Type-A and two USB 3.1 Type-C ports for efficient charging and data transfer. The device can handle speeds of up to 5Gbps using USB Type-C.


I used this pics dock on my external display at the office while using internet browsing or downloading files. and I can’t talk about its quality except for this, it is stable, sturdy and fit my USB ports very well and also allowed to make my USB storage plugged in easily. I did not face any problem while trying to plug the dock inside the screen. Computer stability I have a very powerful home pc with two graphics cards and a lot of other useful software which allows me to run the laptop for one week even after a long time and never faced any problem in running the laptop for a long time. The performance of this HP USB-C Dock G5 is very stable for all my long term usage. Connection The performance of this dock is excellent and lets you connect the computer with different types of USB 3.


Charging The Device Audio Output Docking Q-Dock Multi-Device USB-C Dock G5. Other Good Things More Good Things 2X USB 3.1 Output Ports Shortcut Button Stereo Audio Out Adjustable Stand Convenient Digital Output Audio Input High Durability, Strong Plastic, Metallic Lid Q-Dock Multi-Device USB-C Dock G5. Pros CONS Hp USB-C Dock G5 is very easy to use It is good to buy this. It can be used for plug-in all those and it is very good to buy this. Plastic is strong and of good quality. It is very good to buy this. It is not very expensive. Hp USB-C Dock G5 Cons Ease to use There is nothing special in this as there are no special things that you can find with this. Less power adapter is needed Should have better cable, could be long enough.


Performance review with my colleagues, my old laptop, old USB-c hard-drive, we use mainly three Windows desktops, some PCs. The docked HP is not effecting by any of the other Linux computers or desktops. So far the drive is not damaged, and it does not get in the way. Also as you can see, there is not much power left after powering down. The power consumption is exactly equal to the power consumed by my old USB-c hard drive. In other words, the port it has been using can keep a charge, no matter how much of the charge is used. The USB-C port doesn’t require external power to run at 100% capacity as long as there is any available power supply. Warranty The warranty is one of the strengths of this dock g5.

I have two HP USB-C dock G5 devices at home, which I am using very easily. I am writing this review to recommend this hp USB-c dock g5 for all users. What Is This Device’s Purpose? This device is used for using PC’s USB ports. This is a huge deal for working professionals. You have to work with a laptop and use this dock as a PC. Advantages Of This Device: 1. Compared With A Standard Cable It has one extra advantage. This device has one extra cable that connects to pc and charges for a while. You don’t have to run around to buy a new USB cable and plug this in each and every time you are doing work. 2. Full Speed Charging This dock charges very fast compared to a normal charger. It provides a full charge in 15-20 minutes. 3. Very Compact Design It is very easy to use.


– You can charge your devices. – We can directly connect external speakers and the processor (laptop) – Very Good screen quality. – Battery backup. It– Very Easy to use. – It has everything. – The device has got all positive things and fewer negatives. – Everything I found that I liked and disliked in this USB-c dock g5 1- The main attraction is the super fast speed. There is no need to wait for hours or minutes to download the images. It gives you the fastest available pictures, which at times has been 30 pictures per minute. 2- A very easy to use this USB-c dock g5 is too good and so is the interface and connection. 3- It has got a lot of ports. 4- The device has got a sturdy lightweight 5- This pc is made by a very good company in the UK.


hp usb c dock g5 manual

Connect one USB-C to the laptop through an HDMI cable. I am using an old MacBook and HP makes a very simple cable that connects USB-C. Open settings and plug USB-C power and USB-C data cable in the laptop. Open settings and you can go to the USB Docking System option. The wifi data network won’t be available until the USB cable gets connected. (I’m doing this by using WPA/WPA2.) Then you can connect to that wifi network. In the menu select HP USB-C Dock G5 and then click on connect. Configuring So I am connecting the laptop to this dock but it is not showing the screen. On the top, there are two ports. Type HP and password and then connect the port HP-USB-c. After connecting the dock, you will see one big green light on the dock. The dock doesn’t turn on until the port HP is connected.

Test of a hp USB-c dock g5

Installed the hp USB-c dock g5 on my office and the settings of it are very clear that no it doesn’t give any problem or the setting of the utility is very easy. You can easily change the app. Pros and Cons Pros It is very easy to set up and use. It has plenty of features that enable us to enjoy using the computer. It is compatible with the latest Windows operating system. It has a super-fast speed of 5/100 Mbit. It has a built-in mouse and keyboard with it. Cons It doesn’t have a range of colours. It does not have a media player. It doesn’t have a touch screen. Conclusion It is the very best. It has been providing me with works that I never expected in a laptop dock. It has a built-in mouse and keyboard. It also gives me an easy touch screen.

How to set up a hp USB-c dock g5

First Connecting the dock Connection was simple. It does not have any unexpected connectivity issues. With no signal issues, I could use it the day after setting up. How to configure ports on the dock Configuration was very easy. It has an auto-config screen by which you can change some options. The options on the port screen A user has to right-click on the port name This option will open a dialogue At the bottom of the dialogue is Power On/Off Audio Volume Virtual Keyboard HDMI On USB On MiniDisplay On Dimension The dock has one 5.25″ drive bay. I have placed 4 drives in the bay. After connecting the drive it is auto-enabled so that it can auto-detect the drives. After that, the dock can mount drives. I have connected 1 drive at the moment. By default, the dock uses 4 drives.


It’s a very simple and very straightforward gadget. It’s really easy to use, I never had any problem using this thing. Even though my computer has not received any serious dent or damage, I do use it once a week or sometimes for few hours. The only problem I have with this is that it takes some time for connection to the charger. But once I charge it up and reboot my computer, the connection to the charger is really fast.

Warranty and Support

hp usb c dock g5 manual

This USB-c dock g5 is very good and there is no issue regarding the warranty and support. It comes with a warranty for three years and if they are not satisfied with any work then they can issue a new warranty. It comes with 18 months aftermarket warranty which is extended by 6 months. Also, you can open this box after bought the USB-c dock g5 Pros Nice Product With A Smooth Build Long Battery Life Good Vibration Sensitivity Very Fast Convenient to Use Affordable Cons It is not Free iPad Charger No Waterproof Main Specifications Type: AC Charging Capacity: DC 5V / 2.4A DC 5V / 2.4A Input Voltage: 4.5V 4.5V Input Voltage: 3.3V / 1.5V 3.3V / 1.

What I like about this product

this product has a connector which is very good .for connecting you will not experience any difficulties. connection is very easy. you will not experience any problems while using this product. if you have a long enough USB port for use on your laptop or desktop you can plug this in. this product has also supported this USB-c without any problems. what I did not like about this product I did not like the support of micro USB My travel doesn’t support this product as it won’t work. really want this product? just like any other product, this is too good to buy .really like this product. this is very much similar to this product.

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