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There are 6.66667 Feet in 18 inches. Here is the right solution to fix feet to 80 inches or how many feet is 80 inches.

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Convert 80 inches to Feet

1 Inche = 0.0833333 Feet

80 Inches = 6.66667 Feet

Definition of Inch

An inch is a unit of length that’s not too dissimilar to the foot. It was first defined by Alexander Sullivan in 1748 as 1/36000 yard, or about 28 centimetres! The word ‘inch’ may have come from an old French phrase meaning “to make one’s calculation.

An inch is a unit of length used to measure things. It’s defined as three feet and twelve inches, or about 25 centimetres depending on who you ask!

The word “inch” comes from Latin meaning “to write with an instrument called an incisor” 

A person could have different measurements that are written down in shorter units too-thumb bread (the smallest measurement), handspans which equal two Feet + 6 Inches = 180 CM respectively).

The most common usage for this little guy these days would be on building materials where they represent something like 4 inches wide plank vs a 3″ thick one. This means three times more material can go into making up your floor plan without worrying whether it.

Definition of Feet

It’s interesting to think about the word “foot” and how it relates not only to our physical sense but also in terms of measuring distance. The length from your biggest toe all way down past your ankle is called one foot; two feet make up a pair! And if I ask you what would happen when we add another person onto this equation? Do they just become more difficult or impossible than before? No matter who these people were with regards to their size!? No, instead each additional set adds something new: One more person is another foot, two more people is both feet plus an additional foot.

How many feet is 80 inches?

6.66667 Feet is equal to 80 Inches.

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