10 Best Headphones for Big Heads – Comfortable for You

Now we are going to describe the top 10 best headphones for big heads people. So, Headphones are an essential part of any musician’s toolkit. From producers to DJs, they are used for everything from mixing, producing, recording, listening to music, and even just enjoying their favourite tracks. When you find the right pair of headphones, you will notice that your music sounds better than ever before. What many don’t know is that not all headphones are designed for everyone. That means that finding the right pair can be difficult if you have a larger head. Here are some tips for choosing the best headphone for your needs when you have a large head.

Chart of Best Headphones for Big Heads:

HeadphonesPriceWhere to Buy
1. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700$379Buy From Amazon
2.  Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphone $348 Buy From Amazon
3.  Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphone $248 Buy From Amazon
4.  SENNHEISER Momentum 3 Wireless Headphone $272 Buy From Amazon
5.  Jabra Evolve2 65 UC Wireless Headphone $219 Buy From Amazon
6.  Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo Wireless Headphone $249 Buy From Amazon
7.  HIFIMAN SUNDARA Headphone $349 Buy From Amazon
8.  V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless Headphone $279 Buy From Amazon
9.   Bose SoundLink Wireless Headphone || $229 Buy From Amazon
10.  Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphone $299 Buy From Amazon

Written By Afraj Uj Jaman Shanto

Let’s Know about the Best Headphones for Big Heads:

1. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

best headphones for big heads

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II are our favourite noise-cancelling headphones, but the Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) have a great sound, great battery life, and are waterproof. We tested and loved the Bose QuietComfort 35 II. But while we liked the sound quality and performance of the QC35 II, we were struck by how lightweight and comfortable they were. These headphones are so comfortable that we forgot they were on, and that includes the noise cancelling feature, which works so well. They are also rechargeable, which means we can use them on the go and not worry about having to buy new ones, and their range of colours and pattern options.

Not only do you get a super comfortable over-ear style and top-of-the-line features, but the Bose QuietComfort 30 IIs are also a better sounding option. They offer more bass, more treble, more volume, and are slightly more stylish. These new Bose headphones have solved the problems that plagued the original. And you’ll pay a bit more for it. However, you won’t regret it. They’re comfortable, make you feel good, and make you love the sound of your music more. They’re cheaper than the popular Sony WH1000XM3, but they’re also a bit more expensive than the $349 Sony. If you want a cheaper pair, the Bose QuietComfort 25 are almost as good, and they come in at just $199. 

2.  Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphone

best headphones for big heads

It makes it easy transitioning from taking note of music while performing at your desk to watching a YouTube video on your phone, and back again, all without opening your Bluetooth settings.

These aren’t the first headphones to boast aptX Bluetooth 4.2 support. However, Sony has added some interesting new things to make you use it even more efficiently, especially if you’re on the go. It comes with a new feature called Quick Attention, were simply turning the noise cancelling on will pause music on the device you’re paired with. Also Read: Sony to Get Into Smartphone Production in India This Year The Bluetooth button on the headphones now comes with a shortcut to activate the ‘Quick Attention feature as well, which is pretty convenient to use if you’re the type of person who prefers to use a device sans music while working or just to pass the time. It comes with new features like Quick Attention and Quick Charge 2.0 as well.

The Sony WH-1000XM4 are among the lightest headphones on the market at just 6.9 ounces. The very bass-heavy design of the previous version of these headphones resulted in a pretty big bulky design and it is this feature that Sony has removed for the new iteration. It still has a slight indent in the top of the headband, so you are going to find that they are snugger but still provide support for your ears during long listening sessions. The left earbud also now has an in-ear fit that goes in one ear. This can be switched by pressing a button in the middle of the right earbud. You can keep this in and have a regular earbud fit when playing music or just sitting still at your desk, or you can remove it and move the housing to the opposite ear to make it more portable.

Sony has been providing a new experience with each new pair of headphones, so we had very high expectations for the Sony WH-1000XM4. Thankfully, it lives up to them. It offers clear and rich sound quality that should make even the most avid audiophile gush. From rock, metal and jazz to classical and dubstep, there was a world of music for the user to enjoy. The dynamic range of the Sony WH-1000XM4’s sound is excellent as well, with high highs being smooth and spacious, and lows not ever too intense, and audible. Battery Sony is no novice in this department. With the WH-1000XM4, it has a two-stage battery. At its highest power level ( ANC use), you should get 25 hours of listening time from one charge.

The Sony WH-1000XM4 are capable of delivering audio while being connected to two devices simultaneously, but only if you have chosen to do so by selecting the option called ‘automatic pairing.’ But then what if you want to link a third device in parallel, or just remove one connection? All you have to do is go to Settings > Bluetooth & other devices and tap on the three dots at the bottom, which brings up the option to disconnect or rename the device you are connecting from. Now you will see three icons, one which will be the currently paired device, another the next one which will be a new device, and the third will be the third connected device, which in our case was the OnePlus 3.

The earphone also comes with adaptive noise-cancelling technology that you can activate using a button on the right ear cup, much like most of the wireless earphones in the market. You also get Sony’s noise-cancelling technology, though it doesn’t actually make any noise. It’s essentially a system that helps remove surrounding noises. Sony WH-1000XM4 Connectivity & Battery Life It offers Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC, with a dedicated button to activate Google Assistant when you push it. Sony also offers you up to 40 hours of battery life, but you will need to charge it in its proprietary charging case. It is rated to deliver a full recharge in only two hours.

Sony WH-1000XM4 are among the best on-ear headphones we’ve tested so far. They are a true class apart in the world of premium on-ear headphones. That, coupled with the excellent sound quality makes them a must-have if you are looking for a good pair of on-ear headphones to use with your smartphone. Rating: 7.0/10 Pros Perfect for long sessions Amazing noise cancellation Comfortable enough for longer stints Sony’s Headphone Connect app makes the experience an immersive one Design is unique and premium Cons Not quite in-line with contemporary trends Rating: 7.0/10 Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

3.  Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphone

best headphones for big heads

If you’re tired of having loud background noise, where you are having a conversation or just listening to your favourite tunes and suddenly the music gets completely ruined, then the Sony WH-XB900N is a wonderful set of headphones that can completely muffle the outside noise to a better extent. This is because Sony has implemented a technology known as ‘Microphone Height Reduction’ in the Sony WH-XB900N, so you can be as clear as possible in a conversation, which doesn’t get messed up by the loud music which happens outside. Ahead of this article, we’ve had the opportunity to test out these headphones. This is because the WH-XB900N comes equipped with aptX support, so when connected to an Android device, we didn’t have any issues with being able to make use of it.

It feels lightweight and well made for the money you pay. The headband is made of metal. However, there’s no memory foam cushioning. The ear cups are made of plastic but again, they are light and seem sturdy. The cup has flat sections to the top and bottom, with a sloped middle section for the ear tips. The right ear cup has controls for Bluetooth, volume, and next and previous tracks. If you look closely at the picture below, you’ll see that the drivers are located inside the cups. This is unusual for a stereo pair of headphones and will certainly provide a better, more balanced audio performance with a focus on bass. There’s a rotating control on the left ear cup which allows you to adjust the amount of bass boost the headphones provide.

 something that is also equipped with a 40mm driver inside and a passive bass radiator. What this means is that the WH-XB900N sound the way that it should. Bass is deep and can be felt, the mids have a nice spacious quality to them, and the highs aren’t super overpowering and start to shout at you like some earphones tend to do. A lot of headphones have super chunky bass which you can hear as an impact, the WH-XB900N don’t and it doesn’t hurt the quality of the headphones either. The mids are slightly improved too, there is definitely a warm-sounding warmth to them and they go fairly deep.

Sennheiser’s currently enjoying a renaissance, and it’s brought some amazing technology to the table – and the XB80 headphones can only help increase its profile further. Although we did find the bass a little excessive at times, we reckon that you won’t find too many listeners who won’t prefer the sound. Record Collector “In effect, the Sony WH-XB900N is totally enveloping headphones that can block out the world around you in a good way.” – Digital Music News “Great sounding headphones for sports and adventure lovers” – Sound On Sound Magazine “The ‘Dolphin Experience’ – making you feel the heartbeat of a dolphin. The moment you put these in your ears the tingle begins.

4.  SENNHEISER Momentum 3 Wireless Headphone

best headphones for big heads

The design is classic which is like a wired in wire, The cable is also similar to the one on the Inspire 2 Wireless. The build is amazing and durable. Sennheiser M Momentum 2 are a bit tight and struggle when the earpieces touch. The earpieces themselves seem to fit the head well and come with an in-ear seal which is very effective and makes the audio transmission very good. The volume and power buttons are good to operate with. The headphone also has a mix control for the volume of the audio. The dials are in the shape of a heartbeat, which is another positive feature. The volume can be adjusted with the additional button on the left. There are 3 LEDs to show the battery level, Bluetooth connection, and Bluetooth connection to power.

The sound is by the strictest definition stereo. There is no subwoofer in this headphone. But all the low-end frequencies are brought forward front and centre, making this pair great for those who like aggressive rock music, as well as hardcore electronic music. No bass to speak of, but you can get a fairly distinct treble edge that is almost as good as the Rock amps. This headphone is best for flat, offbeat genres of music such as Country, Jazz, R&B, EDM, Chillout, or just normal music. However, don’t expect a delicate electronic or Classical sound. Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless Headphone Review: How well does it perform in terms of noise-cancelling? The ANC is actually pretty good. Compared to any other noise-cancelling headphones out there, it’s on par.

The noise-cancelling technology is pretty good in the Momentum 3 Wireless. It’s the comfiest headphones to wear because of the combination of the ear cups and the entire package. Durability is good and I never experienced a drop or sweat like when I use the Bose QC 35. Wireless connectivity I love the ease with which the headphones pair. It’s almost a seamless process once you start pairing the headphone to your phone. Battery The battery life is pretty good. I managed to get 5+6 hours of music listening using the ANC function on the Momentum 3 Wireless. So, in my honest opinion, the battery life is good. Value for Money I got the wireless version of these headphones for a price of Rs 18,580. It is currently available on Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce websites.

5.  Jabra Evolve2 65 UC Wireless Headphone

best headphones for big heads

I was impressed with the design of this headphone and it has good build quality. The sound quality, battery, and connectivity were very satisfactory. It is very comfortable to wear these headphones and I can use them for a longer duration. It is a bit bulky in the ear and the frame of the headphone is about the same size. The most striking feature of the Jabra Evolve2 65 UC is that it comes with a built-in mic, which enables users to make hands-free calls. It is a great feature and it allows you to maintain good control over your smartphone. You can also use it for Google Assistant or Siri. The Sound Quality The sound quality of this Jabra Evolve2 65 UC is very good. The sound quality is very detailed, and I like it a lot. It has a good bass response and good clarity.

Comfortable-Fit with wireless WCD9430 3.5mm Bluetooth, Dual-Mechanism and Switchable AptX & AAC Lightweight and Durable Tactile Steer-Through Ear-Tips Acoustic Flow Correction and Elevation Controls Versatile Carrying Case with Air-Ridges & Extra Support Versatile Audio App for Unique Audio Options You can Buy Jabra Evolve2 65 UC Wireless Headphones on Amazon The Design The headphone is made of different materials. The upper part of the headphone is rubberized with a matte finish. In addition, the earphones come with a braided cable. In my personal opinion, the headphones are very easy to use with a suction-cupped soft carrying case. I could easily carry and transport the headphones to my office and my home.

After using Jabra Evolve headphones for more than three weeks, I believe they are the best headphone on my list. There are many good headphones I could name, but the only reason why Jabra Evolve2 65 UC is my first headphone is that this one has a more balanced sound and they are surprisingly nice even for those who do not know much about the audio. However, I have not found any huge difference between Jabra Evolve headphones and Sonova’s PCX 550s. I have always been listening to premium songs and the bass is more pronounced in Jabra Evolve2 65 UC, which I thought were softer in the PCX 550s. The other advantage Jabra Evolve2 65 UC had was the sense of space and coherence in the sound. Even in low frequencies, it is clear where the music was and where it was not.

6. Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo Wireless Headphone

best headphones for big heads

This really looks nice on your ear, it fit my ears perfectly. I haven’t had any problem with it falling off, but that is something that people who are used to more traditional headphones would be worried about. But you do need to make sure the headphones are in the right way in your ear. They don’t allow you to fold it and put it in a pocket. Jabra Evolve 65 US Wireless Headphone Features Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 for up to 12 hours of playtime Runs on 2 AAA batteries Connection: Bluetooth® 4.1 (A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP) for wireless and multi-room connectivity Fast charging for a battery life of up to 3.5 hours 3.

The speaker is alright and it is not too good, it’s acceptable but not excellent like it was supposed to be. It delivers a good balance of sound, lots of basses but not a lot of mid and treble. For users that like a higher sound to get the full potential out of it, it is ok for the price. It is good for an mp3 or mp4, but it really isn’t for any type of music that is too loud or too harsh. I would consider putting this in a more neutral style for the sake of your ears and hearing. It has a very easy to use one-button interface to play music or switch between tracks. Great for those that want to quickly switch tracks and it is pretty long-lasting and charges very quickly via micro USB cable.

The design of the Jabra Evolve 65 US Wireless Headphone is similar to a regular wireless headphone that you have seen in a few manufacturers. The Jabra Evolve 65 US Wireless Headphone is very lightweight and very simple to use. So a lot of people bought this from amazon. They can also slide up and down easily, and work on a swipe gesture, as we can see. The headband is very comfortable and doesn’t get too warm, and also does not bounce up too much after heavy usage. But on the other hand, the earpiece is only integrated into the earpiece wire, and it feels like if Jabra has actually built the wireless headset for just one earpiece. So, if you try to use it with two earpieces, the earpiece gets detached from the wire, so you have to be very careful while using it.


best headphones for big heads

This is my first I ever blog. A lot of people I talk to ask why I keep using the same headphones even after multiple times. I do buy good quality headphones but I hardly change them or use them. In my collection, I have some Hifiman headphones like MAGNETIC by Hifiman and WAVE LIFE by Hifiman. Those headphones are great but to use them as they are very fragile. So I usually tend to keep them on my shelf with the cases still attached and never use them. I would come home and they are all discombobulated and broken. So Hifiman says they have the SUNDARA. They said that it has a new technology which would make them unique. They said that it has two different sources of sound. I have checked them and they look a bit different from Hifiman weaved cones. It feels sturdy and very comfy.

The fabric is very soft and feels great in your hand, very comfortable. The headband is adjustable and the padding inside it feels great as well, it’s very soft but doesn’t expect a lot of padding as a result of its design, though. In the earcup part, you can move the middle part and it sticks. I had a lot of fun taking this apart and putting it back together. The outer part is made of aluminium and copper. The outer part is removable and can be used as a wireless transmitter or as a stand. The drivers are diaphragm coated on one side, with a very soft flexible rubber on the other side. The materials used here are great as they feel a lot like Sennheiser HD800, HD650 and other large-sized headphones but with great sound quality.

HIFIMAN SUNDARA review is a high-quality headphone, designed for daily use. Ain’t it a gift, because HIFIMAN SUNDARA helps you hear clearly, without his problems. I use this kind of high-end, headphones, and think that’s important for every person who wants to be a well-rounded and well-balanced person. I feel that headphone, HIFIMAN SUNDARA, helps you hear clearly, without his problems. As the name HIFIMAN SUNDARA indicates, it gives you the highest purity in sound. As a person who has listened to HIFIMAN products from very early in the Onda empire, I’m confident in saying that this is one of their best products ever. This HIFIMAN SUNDARA headphone is a closed headphone, so this means that the sound emanates from inside.

8. V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless Headphone

best headphones for big heads

The V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless headphones are known for their durable build quality that is suited for long-lasting usage. V-MODA didn’t compromise on a luxurious sound, that too for its price-point. I don’t know how well they sound for any professional-level musicians, but if you are looking for portable wireless headphones to enjoy your music while travelling, then I suggest you to go for the V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless headphones. The build quality is excellent. So far V-MODA hasn’t released any new headphones after a long time, so this is the only headphone they can boast off. So I can say that the build quality of these headphones is incredible. The only thing which needs to be improved is the battery, which needs to last for more than 12 hours.

Wireless and wireless connectors compatibility audio level a1 signing sound quality thoughts not quite a stylus low-level audio mild displaying interference fits well lack of hot-wire low height of head great surface feel other notes: design: decently fine design mild moustache wear it everyday best for tuners organization: ahead of the race errant led light lack of better for those than for those tube for those who think more tube v-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Headphones Review You can read my first review about V-MODA

9. Bose SoundLink Wireless Headphone ||

best headphones for big heads

The headphone which one buy for the user has to make a mind as which one is the best headphone which one you can buy. Bose in 1st out of all the earphones is highly hyped and is super famous of a. To buy one click here or subscribe and read all the others for sure. The earphones won a lot of critics like Allmusic and everyone praises the Bose in headphones. Not only Allmusic but a lot of other radio is also using its earphones in news. The number of customers is increasing more and more all the time, and it has more than 150000 ratings only from internet users. It has a good picture of loudness also but the internet consumers have complained that it can get really muddy sometimes. It does not create a wide soundstage as big speakers do.

If it’s Bose you are reading it will be amazing. My personal choice is Bose for my Headphones. These Headphones are out of the set. If you buy them are you will get this result. Their price is what you pay.

The bit that holds the headphone is your neck. The small bit in the headphone is your neck is able to hang it with it. As a way of reducing the strain that the head will experience from wearing the headphone, there is any time you don’t use your headphones or putting them on. These kinds of headphones are taking a lot of the strain off of your neck and face. The open headphones are also comfortable. It doesn’t wear around the head. It doesn’t bother the ears. Which are comfortable and are not bothered by using them. You can use both ears and enjoy music. This is with the head or ears, whichever way you want to use it. They can stay more or less comfortable. Wearing the headphones the user can use the entire head easily.

10. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphone

best headphones for big heads

The Bose QC35 headphones are the absolute best noise-cancelling headphones you can get right now.. If you are looking for the best headphones for travelling, walking, shopping, working or commuting this is the pair you are looking for. They don’t have the lowest price point of the latest headphones but there is no price drop for them, they are so good that Bose does not need to decrease their price to lower the price of other headphones. They are like the Rolls Royce of noise-cancelling headphones. They are fantastic to use and their sound is incredible too. If you don’t mind the price, I highly recommend you buy one.

While Bose’s last years on the market turned out to be rather disappointing with competition from Sony and others, the company is about to launch three new headphones that will probably change the face of the US headphones market in the next five years. First, there is the QC35 II, which is an updated version of the QC35 headphones, which have been available for a year already. Those headphones were already remarkably good (just listen to this review from Digital Trends), and Bose is promising a better all-around experience, with upgraded sound, a slimmer design, improved comfort and some new features like a head strap with a cord management system (more on this in a bit), which is supposed to allow the use of the headphone while wearing a band that comes with it.

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